Accredited Business Benefits

BBB is in the Top 350 most visited websites in the US with 100 million unique visitors each year. More than 400,000 businesses are BBB Accredited and meet BBB Standards for Trust - find out more about why you should apply today!


Your BBB is one of the most recognized, utilized and trusted sources of information on business reliability in the U.S. Most consumers and businesses know, respect and believe in BBB and prefer doing business with BBB Accredited Businesses, because they know that BBB Accredited Businesses are committed to a high level of quality, ethics and customer service excellence. By being an Accredited Business of BBB, a business tells its customers that it manages its operations honestly, fairly and with integrity. BBB Accredited Business status also extends customer assurance by letting people know you are committed to customer satisfaction and will settle a customer dispute in a fair manner, without government intervention. The overall value is knowing that 70% of the people who utilize BBB, prefer to get involved with a BBB Accredited Business.

BBB Accredited Business status provides you with access to a comprehensive benefits package that includes: 

  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Marketing Tools To Help You Create New Business
  • Online Visibility and Marketplace Exposure
  • Services That Protect Your Money and Safeguard Your Business
  • Instant Access To BBB Services & Information

BBB Logo Usage 

Your business can use the Accredited Business Seal in all of your off-line printed advertising and business materials, including: 

  • Business Cards
  • Invoice, Bid or Quote Forms
  • Stationery
  • Direct Mail
  • Newspaper, Radio & Television
  • Billboards
  • Direct Mail
  • Printed Business Documents
  • Company Vehicles

Over 90% of the public recognizes the BBB logo. It is rated one of the highest of all institutions in credibility and public confidence. 

Request A Quote

This benefit provides BBB Accredited Businesses with an opportunity to provide information and pricing about their products or services at the request of potential customers. By filling out a form on our website, customers and businesses will be connected with BBB Accredited Businesses offering the information, products or services they are seeking. This provides people with a quick and easy way to do business with BBB Accredited Businesses, and provides you with an opportunity for business potential. To be eligible to participate in the Request A Quote Program, your business must be BBB accredited and must have a working e-mail address. 

Promoting BBB Accreditation In Your Business Review

To give people the added assurance they need to feel confident getting involved with your business, your BBB business review will include your BBB accreditation by clearly stating: 

"BBB has determined that this company meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints."

This lets customers know they are getting involved with a BBB Accredited Business that follows ethical, socially conscience business practices and is committed to customer service excellence. 

Dispute Resolution Services 

As an Accredited Business, we also provide you with an expedited complaint resolution service and will contact you via email or mail within 48 hours of receiving a complaint. Our trained Dispute Resolution team will work with you and your customer to resolve the complaint. If the problem cannot be resolved, we are able to work with you and your customer through a process of either Mediation or Arbitration. Our goal is to work with you and your customer to assist in a resolution. 

BBB Accredited Business Listings And Type-Of-Business Reports 

Every day people call or visit the BBB to request information on which business to do business with. Although we do not recommend or endorse any business, we do provide, free upon request, Type-of-Business (TOB) reports which list our Accredited Businesses in the requested business categories. Appearing on these lists gets your business in front of potential buyers who feel more confident doing business with BBB Accredited Businesses. 

Type-of-Business lists are also available on our website. Accredited Businesses are listed by business category. People can then access your business review directly from this listing, and if you have your own website, we list your URL in your online report and activate a "live-link" so that people have direct access to get to your homepage from your BBB business review.

BBB Accredited Business Directory 

BBB Accredited Businesses are listed in the BBB Accredited Business Directory, which is a publication that is distributed by BBB. This directory contains a listing of all current participating BBB Accredited Businesses, and your basic business listing is included free as part of your BBB Accredited Business Benefits Package. Consumers and businesses can quickly and easily locate BBB Accredited Businesses in their area, because the directory is broken down by Type-of-Business listings. Copies are made available to the public for free. 

Accredited Business Direct Access To BBB Services & Information 

Through membership, we offer an "Accredited Business Hotline" that can be used by all of your employees. This number provides you with instant access to local or national information about businesses or charities that you may be thinking of getting involved with. 

BBB Accredited Businesses can also contact BBB personnel directly during office hours via the "Accredited Business Hotline" to receive assistance on updating their business review information, checking for a BBB business review on unknown vendors or competitors, inquiring on BBB services and programs or for any other questions they need answered. 

Additional Accredited Business Marketing Materials 

Through BBB accreditation, we also provide you with BBB Plaques and BBB Decals that are marketing tools which immediately identify you as a BBB Accredited Business and let people know they are getting involved with an honest and reputable company. You can display them in your place of business, company vehicles or take them with you to trade shows or other exhibits. 

BBB Online Dynamic Seal Program 

The BBBOnline Dynamic Seal Program allows Accredited Businesses to identify themselves on the Internet as a reliable and trustworthy business, provided they meet certain program requirements and agree to special complaint-handling procedures when applicable. (Additional fees apply to this program.) 

In the same way that local BBB accreditation builds consumer trust and confidence in your company, the BBB Online Dynamic Seal Program globally extends that same trust and confidence to your online activities. Displaying the BBB Online Dynamic Seal on your website demonstrates your commitment to BBB's high standards and separates you from other online companies. This increases your customer's sense of safety, security and satisfaction. This also highlights your level of commitment to customer service and quality globally and proves to customers that your company can be trusted, and that the Internet is a safe place to do business. 

Customer Satisfaction Survey Cards 

Customer satisfaction and loyalty of clients are much more than measures of people's experiences with your company, its products or its services. They directly affect your company’s growth and profitability. Measuring and managing them are crucial to effective day-to-day operations and long-term goals. 

Since engaging a new customer typically costs five times that of retaining an existing one, and since word-of-mouth is the most effective and least expensive form of advertising, high customer satisfaction and loyalty translate directly into savings, sales growth and profits. 

Better Business Bureau recognizes that many of our Accredited Businesses may not have the time or the money to establish a survey that monitors customer satisfaction. They are designed to provide your business with valuable feedback on your company’s performance while enhancing your image by displaying your commitment to customer satisfaction through your Better Business Bureau. 

Educational Brochures 

Your BBB can provide you with, at no cost, brochures on business-related topics, such as Schemes Against Businesses or Identity Theft. We can also provide you with industry brochures you can display in your place of business for your customers. 

Promoting Your Accreditation Through Your BBB Business Review 

Your BBB business review is available for access 24-hours a day through: 

  • Our automated Voice Response System
  • Our website's 'Company Search' page. 

Accredited Business Support And Tax Deductibility 

BBB is a non-profit organization supported by businesses dedicated to maintaining ethical practices in the workplace. Continued support of Better Business Bureau through your yearly dues makes BBB Programs and services available, and we appreciate the support of companies who help maintain an ethical business community. 

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes the BBB as a reasonable and necessary business expense, allowing your membership dues to be tax deductible.

Enhanced SEO

BBB Accreditation can help increase your company's organic search positions. BBB Business Review listings are search friendly, which may increase the potential for prospective clients to find your website and help your website's search rankings. Placing the Accredited Business Seal on a website can increase SEO. Here's how it works. 

Consumers who search for businesses on the BBB website have the option to choose to only look at businesses that are BBB Accredited. BBB also now offers a mobile app to make researching businesses easier from these devices.

Sponsorship Program Participation

As an Accredited Business, you are offered additional opportunitities to promote your BBB Accreditation through various program sponsorship opportunities offered throughout the year at a minimal fee. Our latest offering is an exciting new program, the Accredited Business Online Directory Listing with Google and Leadgen. This program allows for premium placement at the top of your type of business category and provides directory listing enhancement. Click the link for more information on how to participate and sign-up.

Ad Review Program

Based on BBB's original mission to help regulate advertising within the marketplace, your BBB conducts local business advertising reviews and challenges potentially false or misleading advertisements. This program works with businesses in an attempt to achieve the highest ethical advertising standards through self-regulation. The BBB Code of Advertising outlines basic principles and specific guides for truth and accuracy in advertising. When an advertisement is challenged, BBB asks the advertiser to substantiate, modify or discontinue the advertised claims. If an advertiser is unable or unwilling to substantiate the claims, that information is included in its BBB Business Review. We recognize that our Accredited Businesses may see competitors displaying unfair ads in the marketplace and you can notify BBB of these situations by Challenging or Reporting an Advertisement.


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